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Organic Cold Blended Skincare What is it?

The Natural Skincare Company has recently launched a unique range of COLD-BLENDED skincare made by Paul Penders. As well as being made with certified organic herbs, no artificial preservatives, colours or perfumes, the range is also registered with the Vegan Society.
What is Cold-Blending? Paul Penders have developed a new range of formulations which are not heated up above 35 degrees C, thus retaining the full strength of all the ingredients. It is a bit like vegetable cooking c if you over cook vegetables they lose all the goodness including important anti-oxidants c whereas if you just lightly cook you will retain the important nutrients and bio-active ingredients. Most skincare formulations are heated up beyond 35 degrees C and therefore the potency and efficacy of the products are much reduced.

These new formulations have taken about three years to perfect and contain important anti-ageing ingredients as well as vitamins C and E. They contain an infusion of 22 organic herbs; the recipe of which has been passed down through the Paul Penders family over the last 100 years.

The range includes skincare, haircare, bodycare and cosmetics; all of which are free from harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol, mineral oils, sodium laurel sulphate and FD and C colours to name a few!

In addition to this unique Paul Penders range, The Natural Skincare Company are distributors for a range of suncare called Caribbean Blue. This includes sunscreens, moisturisers, insect repellents and aloe vera after sun products. All products in this range are completely natural and again, do not contain any of the chemicals mentioned above. Made in St. Lucia by two Naturopathic Doctors they are holistically based using oils such as coconut oil which are sourced locally. The sunscreen uses zinc oxide as the active ingredient which is the only sun screening agent to protect against almost the full spectrum UVA and UVB and is also very good to use on allergy prone skin. The Insect Repellent is DEET free and the After Bite is an absolute must for those who suffer from mosquito bites!

The Natural Skincare Company is based in Horsham, West Sussex, and was founded by Amanda McGillivray in 2003 because she was unable to find organic skincare to suit her fair sensitive skin. She quickly realised that there were many people who were looking for products which did not contain chemical ingredients and because of her deep interest in organic gardening and a family history involved with complementary medicine, the Natural Skincare Company was born. All products offered on the website are thoroughly tested and researched and suppliers vetted for their ethical stance and environmentally friendly policies. The service the company offers is superb and the staff are always prepared to ‘go that extra mile in order to sort out a problem or help a customer. In addition, a 100% money back guarantee is offered on all of their product ranges. Orders can be placed through the website or by calling 01403 790913 and the company aims to despatch orders within 24 hours (quite usually the same day) for delivery either by First Class Post (£3.95) or Second Class Post (£2.50).


For further information, please contact Amanda on 01403 790913

or visit the site:


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