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The Organic Buffet is specialised in organic food buffets served at corporate and private events.

Registered to the foodservice and organic food catering code of practice of the Soil Association, Organic Buffet has been operating since 2003 and is proud to provide high quality food in line with a personal approach.

Local organic ham, local free-range chicken, local trout pate, local cheeses, along with a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options are used in our sandwich fillings and canapés toppings.

An organic baker produces for us the best paninis, sliced wholemeal, baguette, rye, wheat-free, yeast free and gluten-free bread along with some delicious cakes.

Organic Buffet gives you the opportunity to pick and choose the items to make the buffet of your choice.

Our clients include DEFRA, Reading Council, Oxford Council, High Wycombe Council, Swindon Council, Groundwork, NHS, Wiltshire Council, Wildlife trust, Microbiology SMG, Oxfordshire Rural Community Council, London fitness, Thames Valley Farmers Market Coop, Tricerion, Railfuture.

Organic Buffet Menu:

Organic Buffet gives you the oppPrtunity to pick and choose the items from the menu to make the buffet of your choice,

Assorted Mini-Sandwiches & paninis
Spicy roasted vegetables, Roasted vegetables, Ham salad, Mozzarella & green olive tapenade,
Cheddar & mango chutney, cheddar salad, Cheddar & onion, Spicy Chicken*, Chicken* Salad, Houmous & carrot, Spicy avocado, Tofu & green olive tapenade, Brie salad,

Trout* & horseradish canapés on French bread,
Mozzarella & green olive tapenade on French bread
Salmon & cream cheese canapés on Rye bread,
Spicy aubergine*, garlic, chilli* & fresh pepper canapés on French bread,
Ham gherkins & butter canapés on French bread
Blue cheese* & walnut canapés on French bread
Brie & Cranberry canapés on French bread

Platter of Cold Meat
(Sliced ham, whole cooked ham + chutneys*, sliced turkey)

Cheese Platter
Selection of cheese (cheddar, brie, blue*, goat*)

Selection of Bread
Seeded, bloomer, sourdough brown, sunflower, onion foccacia

Potato & spring onion salad
Couscous salad, fried onion, peppers, coriander*
Tomato & mozzarella & basil salad
Mixed beans, olives, spring onion, chilli
Green leaves salad

Celery, cucumber, carrot, falafel, mango chutney, houmous

Individual Mini-Quiches
Leek & mushroom, onion & feta, courgette & tomato

Cheese Twists
Red pesto & cheese

Lemon & poppy seed
Carrot & orange
Apricot & almond (vegan)

Lemon tart, summer fruit tart, chocolate opera, chocolate tart,

Selection of Fruit *

Wheat free, gluten free bread & cakes available
All food organic except *
Serviettes will be provided
Food will be on platters ready to be eaten

Organic Buffet Purchasing Policy
All food prepared on day of buffet
Use of local organic produce, ham, bread, cakes, savouries, and vegetables (when is season)
non-organic* local produce blue cheese*, free-range chicken*, trout pate*, fruit* (when is season)
Menus include meat, cheese and vegetarian options
Fruit always included in menus
There is no added salt, sugar or flavouring in the preparation of sandwiches and canapés
We use reusable platters and ceramic plates
If an ordered item is not available, it will be substituted with another similar option from the menu
We reserve the right to make a selection of items from our menu if clients don't specify what they want while making a booking

Customer Recomends & Feedback:

Quote DEFRA ­ Oct 05
Defra are supporting the Catering Services and Food Procurement Tool for the use in public sector which encourage healthy eating and promotes the use of fresh and seasonal produce that can be grown organically and locally in the UK. The provision of organic food in meals and snacks in accordance with the Government's action plan to develop organic food and actively encouraging their availability in general catering programs/conferences.

From Mrs C - DEFRA
We get excellent feedback from our customers over the variety you provide - I think your food is very well presented - although I notice the flowers have disappeared! Food labelling is essential.

From Mrs R . Reading Borough Council
I have checked with the delegates that attended the workshop and they were very impressed with the quality of food and there was plenty there so some very good feedback. Thank you for delivering the food so promptly and we will no doubt use your services again in the future.

From Joe and Lucy wedding July 06
We much enjoyed your food and were very happy with it. We'd be happy to recommend you. If something does come up though we'll make sure to remember you.

Mrs Susan - High Wycombe Council
Vincent Charles' organic buffet is a delight to behold - and even more delightful to eat! The varied ingredients are combined imaginatively - far excelling theusual limp offerings received at corporate events and presented with care by Vincent himself. Vincent also stays on site - discreetly re-arranging the dishes , removing empty platters - and is happy to answer any questions about the produce.The combination of imaginative food, expertly presented, with excellentservice results in excellent value for money.

Adam - Senior Lansdcape Architect Groundwork
Thank you very much for the wonderful food that you provided for our event on Friday. It was absolutely the best catering we have had for an event here-beautifully presented, simple delicious food. It seems that our delegates fell the same ­ we asked them to fill in a feedback form for the vent at the end of the day. Please see below for some of the comments about our food.
Thank you again and I look forward to the next time you cater for us.

Some of the responses on feedback forms:

What did you think of the catering?
Excellent "the best I have had so far"- "very tasty" ­ "Delicious!"- "great/excellent"- "fantastic"-"very good" ­ "excellent" ­ "I will definitely attend another Groundwork Merton event" ­ "the catering is good" ­ "thanks for the catering-esxcellent"

Mrs J. - Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust
The food was really good, everyone liked it. I shall certainly recommend Organic Buffet to other people.

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