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A Little About Us

Take a mixture of the mystic natural magic of Chinese herbs and the natural beauty of an Oxfordshire valley surrounded by the rolling Cotswold Hills , and you will have the origin of Naturesense.
Anne is the second generation of a Chinese herbalist family. She grew up in the Chinese rural countryside where Chinese herbs have been used for generations. Anne‚s mother, who is a loyal herbalist, always said that nothing is better than natural herbs and plants when it comes to health treatment.

Stephen imbibed a passion for organic products and natural remedies from his upbringing in the English countryside.

This rich combination gave birth to Naturesense in 2004, when Anne had suffered badly with eczema. After trying treatments prescribed by a skin specialist to no avail, Anne found the Chickweed Cream that is made of pure natural ingredients, which have prevented a return of the condition to this day.

Anne and Stephen have now dedicated themselves to providing a broad selection of all kinds of natural and organic products soured from both the UK and overseas. Their desire is to provide a service to anyone who genuinely cares about healthy living and the environment that we all live in.

We carry a range of natural and organic products, including natural skin care, herbal remedies for stress and uneasiness, products especially for mummies and babies, oral care as well as natural treatments for your pets. They are all made with the highest quality ingredients, no parabens, no artificial colours or fragrance, no Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate and not tested on Animals.

We bring you the best in quality and purity by bringing together a carefully selected collection of organic skincare and beauty products from around the world so you can choose from a range of Organic cruelty free, natural skin care products which best suite your needs

Expert advice online & Easy Secure shopping with Free Delivery for orders over £25 or call us on 0870 850 1979 to place your order over the telephone.

For more information go to the website:


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