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Corporations monopolise the Organic market

Organic is increasingly becoming the buzzword for food corporations who are set on targeting the changing views of British consumers. Supermarket conglomerates are forever expanding their organic ranges and promoting their loyal relationships with small local producers. Yet there seems to be a dubious connection with supermarkets and the organic market, as surely mass production and organic production are adverse to each other. While supermarkets make a dash for the organic market, have they not fallen short of understanding the true ethos behind organic products?

As organic becomes a marketing tool in the emerging health conscious Britain, its questionable whether the organic message has been lost and replaced with a bag of organic carrots.

Supermarkets are mass-producing products, which are not necessarily ‘green’ or of high quality, such is demonstrated with the paradox of organic ready meals, where consumers are lured into buying a ‘fresh, healthy green’ eating experience. As we become more divorced from real food production, unnecessary plastic packaging with pictures of green meadows and farmers seem to reassure us and connect us with the token British farmer.

Until recently the organic market was dominated by small producers, who offered an alternative to supermarkets but all this seems to be changing as supermarkets move in for domination. I am interested to know what will happen to these small producers if we continue to purchase our organic goods at supermarkets?

Indeed, what does the future hold for smaller organic businesses when they face such large competitors? I asked Anthony Heurtier, creator and chocolatier of the newly established company The Chocolate Empire to share his thoughts and enlighten me on the potential hardship of setting up a small organic chocolate company. He strangely reassured me that he didn’t fear the big players “supermarkets don’t pose any threat to me, if anything they make my products stand out from the uniform and sterile aspect of supermarket chains. I think that people are getting sick of supermarkets and my customers seem to relish the fact that my chocolates are individual and have been sourced with only the finest ingredients”.

Surprised by Anthony’s relaxed attitude to the situation, he went on to explain to me that supermarkets will never be able to produce the same quality products “all my chocolates are free from artificial additives and flavourings, which just wouldn’t be possible with supermarkets, as they require a ridiculously long shelf life”.

Anthony has set himself a tall order but after trying his chocolates I would have to agree with him, and I now understand his confidence. His chocolates are truly sublime and push the boundaries of traditional chocolates by using interesting ingredients such as lemongrass, goji berries and bergamot. Anthony’s relationship with chocolate is very much a personal one and couldn’t be further away from mass produced chocolates “making chocolate is an art form, you have to have the best ingredients and the process can not be rushed”.

As consumers it is up to us to step away from supermarket gimmicks and to source real organic food which is of high quality and tastes great, perhaps we need to reassess the meaning of ‘organic’ and not be lured in by the convenience of mass produced products bearing the organic stamp.

For more information on Anthony’s organic chocolates go to his website:


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