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Have an Organic Valentines Day

Why not go organic for valentines day! Here are a few reasons why you should....

Celebrate with champagne and forget the hangover
The amount of sulphur in non-organic wine compared with organic wine is significant. Under organic rules sulphur is limited - with only one quarter of the normal amount of sulphur used in non-organic wines. A high amount of sulphur is more likely to give you a hangover!

Give your loved one a meal to remember
An independent consumer poll was carried out for the Soil Association, and its findings were that more people were buying organic food because it tasted batter. Out of all the people who were asked 90% of them said that they but organic food because taste was a key factor.

95% said that taste and quality was most important when buying food to give to their friends or families. Even across the social classes this result was consistent. With the lower classes saying that taste and quality was the first aspect they consider when buying food.

Protect the unborn children
According to recent Russian research mothers who eat GM foods while pregnant, are endangering their unborn babies. The research found that more than half of the offspring of rats that were fed GM modified soya actually died, in their first 3 weeks of life. This is times as many as those born to mothers with normal diets. Also, 6 times as many were severely underweight. Under organic standards GM ingredients are banned.

Stay away from those nasties in your tool shed
A study carried out between 2000 - 2003 in the US found that a common garden pesticide could be hindering male fertility, and it does it by suppressing the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. The study was looking for the by-products of the pesticide, chlorpyrifos. Looking at men undergoing fertility treatment, the ones with the lowest testosterone levels had the highest levels of the pesticide by-product in them. In organic farming the use of these harmful pesticides is avoided.

If you're keen to make babies and to boost your libidos
According to studies carried out in Denmark, men who belong to organic farming associations and who eat organic food, have a higher fertility. The reports also point out that they have a greater concentrations of sperm compared with other groups of men from different professions, and who did not eat organic food.

Extend your love to the planet
Even buying organic cut flowers for your lover can help! In the UK the majority of cut flowers are grown using a mixture of highly toxic fertilisers and pesticides. These chemicals are not only dangerous to the planet, but to the people who work with the flowers. Also because most of the cut flowers sold the the UK actually come from outside of Europe, their journey here further harms the planet. On average flowers travel from steam to store, a distance of 1,500 miles. This is terrible for pollution and global warming.

To help with this I have a link to a list of companies that supply organic cut flowers - Click Here


Organic Food Catching On

More and more people are buying food that is free of chemicals, steroids and preservative's. the large supermarket chains are meeting this demand and stocking their shelves with a wide variety of organic foods. These kinds of products were once only found at local farm shops, farmers markets, specialist health food shops and the like. Now organic food has gone mainstream.

The reasons why shopper's have started buying organic products is because of their increased knowledge about what goes into food and how it is produced. We now all know that conventional farming uses harmful pesticides and chemicals on crops, and many veterinary medicines like antibiotics on livestock. The health risks of these chemicals are now well known to all. Also, people are now more concerned about the impact on the environment.

The supermarkets are meeting the demands of the public, by stocking organic, natural foods and eco friendly products. Even though the Department of Agriculture has made no claims that organic food is better for us than conventional foods. People are still buying organic food for a healthier lifestyle. The supermarkets are not just stocking organic food, but have now got entire sections of organic, natural foods and even exclusive brands.


Raising Awareness of Organic Food

To raise awareness amongst young people the members of Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh are arranging an organic food event. The aim is to warn young people about the dangers of junk food, and inform them about the benefits of organic food and healthy eating. As organised by the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), this event forms part of the "Tell me what I eat" campaign.

Held at the Millennium Chapel, and the evening programme will start about 7pm. The event will contain two clips of the films Store Wars and Super Size Me, there will be three 15 minute talks by nutritionist Sabrina Agius, and a representative from the vegetarian society, and an introduction to the press about the campaign.

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