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Is it on the Label?
23rd January 2007

It has been brought to my attention recently that there are a whole range of food additives that don't get listed on the ingredients label!

After reading an article on the BBC website about a man, Justin Rowlatt who is becoming vegan for one month, to reduce his carbon footprint. Vegans don't eat any meat, fish, dairy or Honey - any animal products for that matter. Justin Rowlatt is finding it very difficult to change his eating habits so extensively!

Andrew Whitely, an organic baker wrote to Justin Rowlatt to tell him about the use of enzymes that aren't listed on the label. He calls it "baking's big secret" .

He describes the use of enzymes as secret, because they don't appear on the ingredients label. Industrial bakers use a loop-hole to classify them as "processing aids". However, some of these enzymes are manufactured from animals, including pigs. This creates a problem for vegans or vegetarians, Muslims and Jews who cant have animal products. Not to mention an ethical issue - not including all the added ingredients on the label.

Modern bread stays light and soft for longer due to these enzymes. Under current UK's food labeling rules they do not need to appear on the label. This is because these enzymes are broken down in the manufacturing process, and aren't considered to be present in the final product. This is why they need not appear on the label.

This is described by Andrew Whitely as, "a deception that allows the food industry to manipulate what we eat without telling us."

There is a whole list of enzymes that Andrew is concerned about as a vegan, a particularly worrying one is phospholipase. Because it was originally derived from pigs pancreas.

He says that although the amounts of pig guts enzymes found in bread would be minimal, wouldn't vegans and vegetarians, not to mention Muslims and Jews, object to the idea that pig husbandry has any part all in baking or the development of bakery additives?

One of the reasons that modern bread stays so soft and light for so long, is because these enzymes are used. Because these enzymes are broken down in the manufacturing process, under the UK's food labeling rules, they do not have to list them on the ingredients label. They are not considered to be present in the final product.

Andrew Whitely says it is, "a deception that allows the food industry to manipulate what we eat without telling us."

As a vegetarian or vegan you should be concerned about an enzyme called phospholipase, because this is the one originally derived from pigs pancreas.

There probably, truth being told, are very small amounts, if not none at all, pigs guts in most peoples bread, but it is concerning to think that it could be there, also that the food industry doesn't have to tell us the whole truth!

Organic Bread & Food Enzymes

If you thought you were going to get away from the animal ingredients by buying organic, think again! There are also 'baking aids' in organic beard. As long as the 'aids' used are not derived from GM, or GM methods have not been used at any stage in their manufacture.


M&S Turning Green
18th January 2007

There has been a £200 million 'eco plan' to turn M&S green. This 5 year scheme includes a plan to use fair trade cotton in 20 million items of clothing. It will attempt to turn one theirs of the worlds supply of cotton fair trade. Also, fleeces made from polyester will now be made using melted down plastic bottles instead of oil.

Director of 'Forum for the Future', Johnathon Porritt has helped draw up the eco plan. His job is to help businesses improve their environmental policies.

M&S say they will also buy as much food from the UK and Ireland as possible, to reduce their amount of imports. Any imports that still exist after this will be cut to a minimum and it will be labeled as such.

All fresh turkey, duck, geese and pork will be free range, and all fish will have to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

M&S hope to tipple sales of organic food and to launch organic cotton ranges.

Stuart Rose, Chief Executive said, "Every business and individual needs to do their bit to tackle the enormous challenges of climate change and waste. We believe a responsible business can be a profitable business."

My Thoughts: This is a long time coming but I am very glad M&S are thinking about the planet! I hope other Supermarkets and such will follow suit - but I am not holding my breath!

I will be supporting M&S in this eco plan, and all new related information will be published on this site.


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