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Devon - Voted The No. 1 Organic County!

Hitting the organic news this month - According to the latest figures from Defra, Devon has been declared the UK's No. 1 organic county, for organic food and producers.

Devon has many organic producers, processors, growers, etc and the figures show they have in total 464 certified organic operators in Devon, compared to the next highest Somerset, with 268 operators. There are a number of large organic processors and producers in Devon, also many smaller pioneer farm-based businesses that deal with direct, local trade.

All this fits well with Devon's aim to be the 'greenist' county. This has all been helped along by Devon County Council. In its attempt to achieve this sought after title of greenist county, they have been involved with a number of organic food initiatives, including Devon Organic food Links and the Rafael project.

Devon County Council and the Soil Association teamed up through a European-funded project called Rafael, the aim of this project it to further promote and support Devon's local organic food businesses.

The Rafael project works with organic food producers and developers to develop their markets and promote their goods. Also to encourage local people to buy their fresh local organic food, and help people realise that there are lots of high quality artisan produce grown in their county.

Rafael project activities include, the promotion of Devon's organic produce and working towards getting healthy organic food into schools, using the Soil Association's Food for Life approach.

This project also offers opportunities for organic businesses to share best practice through European exchanges and trading with other regions in Europe. The Rafael project also helps to promote Devon as the place to visit for high quality organic food and drink.

Executive member for strategic planning and rural affairs, Councillor Humphrey Temperley, said, "Devon has a growing reputation for putting the environment first, so being the top organic county is a real coup. Achieving this status will help the county to showcase our best aspects - food, drink, environment and our people to a wider audience. "

Devon also has the second largest area of certified organic land, 24,395 hectares of land, which represents five per cent of the total land area.

If you want to find out where to buy organic food and drinks from Devon, take a look at my organic directory in the Devon category - Click Here to visit the Devon page

There are also many other website's that offer information about organic food in Devon, here are just a few:

Devon Food Links
Information for consumers and producers of locally produced food and drink in Devon.

Rafael Project
Information and resources for this project.

Devon County Council
Supporting the farming community and promoting production.

Organic Directory (From The Soil Association)
Comprehensive directory of organic producers, growers, suppliers, etc.

The Soil Association
Organic food, organic farming: Soil Association is campaigning for organic food, organic farming and sustainable forestry. Very large website full of information, articles, resources, etc for organic food and farming.


Soil Association at the National Fruit Show

As an attempt to convert more british growers to organic, the Soil Association had their very first stall at the National Fruit Show this year.

The Soil Associations marketing development officer, Sarah Blackford said that they had a stall at the exhibition to raise awareness about Defra incentives for UK producers that convert to organic. They are also there to offer advice and information to organic producers or those wishing to convert.

She said: "There is a real demand for UK-produced organic top fruit. And Defra is offering growers £600 per hectare for the first three years of conversion."

According to Soil Association data 6,531 tonnes of organic fruit was produced in the year up to April 2006.

Sarah Blackford also added that the market for organic production is growing; vegetable box schemes are reaching approx deliveries 251,000 a week. Also the increasing number of parents demanding organic food as part of the Fruit for Schools scheme.

The Soil Association will be looking to exhibit again in 2007. She said: "We have had some of our existing customers coming to see us and we have had some interesting debates with people who are considering converting. This has been a very good day."


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