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Hi again

I want to explain in more detail why I have created this organic directory and how it can help you. I am a vegetarian and try my hardest to only eat organic foods, I do this because in this modern society there are many harmful mass produced, genetically modified foods. I feel that if you mess around with nature there is surly to be a nasty outcome! I prefer not to take this chance and I urge others to do the same.

There has been so many times when I've gone on holiday or on an outing and have had so much trouble finding organic shops and places to eat. I have spent many an hour walking round unfamiliar cities and towns looking for organic shops etc. This has annoyed me so much that I have decided to do something about it. Not just for myself but for all those people who are in the same position as me. This is for you - an organic directory, giving you addresses and descriptions and sometimes URL's of organic shops, markets, restaurants, pubs, farms and specialists. I do hope this will save you from the trauma which I faced.

Also if you are someone wanting to eat more organic food and don't know of any organic shops, farms etc in your area. All you have to do is click on the county you live in (or the city - because I have included a few very large cities also) and a list of organic shops, organic farms, organic restaurants, organic bakeries and many more different places to buy organic produce will appear. This directory is growing all the time and I am sure that I will keep on adding many more organic shops etc for a long time. Don't despair if the county you live in doesn't have many entries a present, it will grow so please check back on a fairly regular basis.

If you have any suggestions regarding this site and its contents, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be very pleased to hear from you. I intend to grow this site into a great organic resource, I will include articles etc. about all related topics. If you have any articles or just your views on organic farming/commercial farming. please send them to me. This will help me to turn this small directory into a large informative resource.

Thank you in advance


Verdict on GM Crop - 22.03.05

The worlds most comprehensive field trials on GM crops have had their final report. The findings are that oil seed rape varieties would harm the environment and wildlife!

The GM trials for Britain's largest crop, winter oil seed rape, are finally in. The report shows that the environment and wildlife would suffer if this crop was grown in the UK. This may end the biotech industry's hopes of having GM crops of this kind in the future.

The government have been keen to introduce GM crops throughout the UK, however after these results of the biggest most comprehensive crop study in the world, they may have to think twice. The findings from the report show that it would be very detrimental to the countryside if these GM crops were grown in the UK. The company that own the patent on GM oil seed rape that has and is still being tested have now said that they are not going ahead with the crop in Europe.

As you would expect the conservatives have taken advantage of this situation by announcing that the conservative party would not allow GM crops to be grown in Britain, unless it could be proved that they were safe.

The trials results were published at the Royal Society yesterday. These trials started before the last election when there was a great amount of objection by the public to GM crops.

The government tackled this backlash by saying they would run extensive trials on GM and non-GM crops to see the results. The trials would test the effect on the environment and the wildlife such as bees, bugs, butterflies, weeds and other farmland wildlife. Field were planted with half GM and half non-GM crops to compare the results.

To read the article in the Guardian please - Click Here


Why go Organic?


There are many reason why you should eat organic food, and here are just a few:

  • Did you know that the average apple grown on a conventional farm has from 20 to 30 different poisons in its skin, even after you wash it. Non-Organic produce can cause health issues such as osteoporosis, migraines, heart disease and hyperactivity, this is because it contains food additives that can be harmful in many ways.
  • There is an average of 50% more vitamins, minerals and enzymes contained in fresh organic produce. Vitamins such as 'C' and other important minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and
    chromium, and also cancer fighting anti-oxidants. Over 400 types of pesticides that are used in conventional farming leave residues in the produce that we then eat. There have been instances of pesticide residues found in baby food, apples, bread, dried fruit, celery and chips - this is wrong, do you want to feed your baby poisons that may be potentially harmful?
  • You can avoid genetically modified (GM) by eating organic produce, surely this can only be a good thing.
  • If you want to protect your family's health then eating organic is essential, especially if you eat dairy products and meat. Farm animals and dairy cows that have been intensively-reared are fed a very dangerous mixture of drugs. These drugs include antibiotics, hormones, ant-parasite drugs and many others - all on a daily basis and even when they aren't ill. When we then eat these products we consume these poisons, surely this must be a contributing factor to the increase of meat related illness such as coronaries and high blood pressure.
  • BES has never been reported in organic cattle - ever in the UK.
  • There are no hidden costs, it costs British tax payers £120 million to remove chemicals from drinking water, which is mainly a result of pesticides used in farming.
  • Organic food such as fruit is full of juice and flavour, in comparison to conventionally farmed fruit is is simply better. This is not just fruit all organic produce tastes better. Also there are many different types of organic produce to try, for example there are 100 different types of potatoes grown in the UK alone - and that's just potatoes!
  • Soil erosion is also a big contributing factor to a fall of up to 70% of wild birds in some areas, a near extinction of beautiful butterflies, frogs, grass snakes, and wild mammals. Also the destruction of ancient hedgerows, and this is all due to conventional farming.
  • Organic farms have strict standards to comply to, these standards are set by the UK government. All organic farms are inspected at least once a year which makes the produce from organic farms more trusted.
  • Some of you may think that organic produce is more expensive, but this is not the case. Because we pay for conventional foods through our taxes and spend billions of pounds every year cleaning up the mess that agricultural chemicals make to our water supply. Also the BSE crisis cost this country alone 4 billion pounds, so if you choose organic you are opting for a more cost effective future.
  • There are much higher instances of cancer, respiratory problems and other major diseases in intensive farm workers. Agricultural chemical farms growing cotton or farms in developing countries are particularly prone to ill farm workers.
  • Even if the reason for you going organic is because you want your children and grandchildren to be able to visit and play in the countryside - do it for the sake of them!
  • Hormones, Nitrates and Pesticides all Found in Animal Products
  • Meat, fish and eggs are full of poisons and toxins, hormones, nitrates and pesticides. Commercially raised animal products contain these poisons (they are also in commercially grown fruit, vegetables and grains). If you eat organically grown produce you can avoid all these chemicals, but if you don't you too are digesting these poisons.


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Verdict on GM Crop - 22.03.05

Why go Organic?


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