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Findhorn Flower Essences
Findhorn Flower Essences located in the Findhorn community, are made using wild Scottish flowers and pure water from healing wells.
Cullerne House, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, IV36 3YY. Tel - 01309 690129 Fax - 01309 691300 Email -

Findhorn Press
For 33 years Findhorn Press has been publishing books of spiritual inspiration, healing, guidance, nature and transformation. - I know this site is not organic however, I thought it would be a nice site to include because it is about great spiritual books, and many people into organic produce are also interested in this type of thing.

Green Room Café, The
Surrounded by the beautiful "FINDHORN GARDENS" in the Findhorn Foundation, The Green Room Café offers international vegetarian cuisine, coffees and snacks (fresh pastries and cakes, organic Italian-style coffees and a wide variety of herbal teas). Manager - Mr Kevin Fahey
The Green Room Café, The Park, Findhorn, Moray, IV36 3TZ. Tel - 01309 691900 Email -

Offer natural, organic baby clothes in cotton, linen and wool, also offer organic baby skincare products by mini-organic, for sale on-line.
1 Clarence Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 7BX. Tel - 01225 767003 Email - sales

No Place Like Home, Localisation in Action - The Findhorn Foundation
Localisation is about bringing the economy back home, shortening the distances between producers and consumers, promoting local diversity and creating more just, equitable, resilient and human-scale communities, both locally and globally. Some aspects of the emerging localisation paradigm we will be exploring: fair trade, arts and culture, community-based organic farming and more.

Phoenix Community Stores
A full service community store featuring an extensive range of organic/ fine foods including organic eggs. Also eco- department store, including apothecary, book store, crafts.
The Park, Findhorn Bay, IV36 OTZ. Tel - 01309 690110 Fex - 01309 690933



Organic Specialists

A community supported agriculture scheme based near Forres in northeast Scotland. We grow soft fruit and vegetables by organic methods for up to 200 local families.



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