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There are many reasons why we should use ethical organic cotton in our clothes, bedding, etc, here are the top ten...

  1. Synthetic chemical surface treatments - in conventional textiles industries the use of synthetic chemicals is routine. If you buy ethical organic cotton and bedding you will reduce your exposure to these harmful synthetic chemicals by approx one third. One of the most common fire retardants used on mattresses is boric acid - which is also used to kill rats!
  2. By choosing organic clothing, bedding, etc - you are supporting natural colour and natural dyed fabrics. Dying fabrics for bedding and clothes produces large quantities of toxic waste and takes much more energy. By buying organic clothing, bedding, etc you are doing your bit for pollution and the environment.
  3. By choosing organic clothing, bedding, etc - you are supporting ethical and safe working practices. The non-organic farming industry has issues with chemicals. Handling these sometimes dangerous chemicals on a regular basis, will have an impact on the health of the farm workers. They will be exposed to fewer chemicals.
  4. If you choose organic clothing, bedding, etc - you are supporting organic farming. Buy buying organic cotton and bedding products you are supporting organic agriculture, which in turn encourages more farmers to go organic.
  5. Saving energy. Conventional farming uses many non-renewable fossil fuels, where as Organic farms tend to use less energy.
  6. You support biodiversity. Organic farming practices effect biodiversity a great deal. By having fewer pesticides and fertilisers and by adopting wildlife-friendly habitat management techniques.
  7. Save on toxic waste. Organic fabrics can be composted safely, without contributing to toxins in the soil.
  8. By choosing organic clothing, bedding, etc - you are reducing the amount of allergens in the environment. Buying organic chemical-free fabrics you help to reduce the amount of potentially allergenic chemical compounds in the atmosphere.
  9. By choosing organic clothing, bedding, etc - you are supporting fair and ethical trade practices. There is a growing link between organic and ethically traded goods. The Soil Associations standards for organic textiles now contain requirements for safe working practices and fair trade.
  10. being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.




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