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Organic Food at Farmers Markets

You can buy organic food from Farmers Markets - it is a really great place to find locally produced organic food. There are many different reasons why shopping at Farmers Markets is a good idea and here are just a few:

  • Supporting your local economy - shopping at your local Farmers Markets really helps to support your local economy.
  • The produce tastes better because it is fresher - buying from your local Farmers Markets means that you get quality fresh and organic food that tastes AMAZING!
  • Buy you organic food directly from the producer - shopping at your local Farmers Markets means that you can speak to the actual producer of this food and ask any questions you want.
  • Helping your children understand where food comes from - and this doesn't just apply to your children but any children that are taken along to Farmers Markets.
  • Higher nutritional value of organic fresh produce - buying fresh food or organic meat from your local Farmers Markets means that the food you are getting has a higher nutritional value.
  • You get fresh in season produce - sometimes shopping at supermarkets means that even if the fruit or organic vegetables is out of season it is still stocked. This means that you can get not so good tasting produce.
  • Great prices, samples, recipes, preparation and nutrition information - you can get all this information and more from your local Farmers Markets.
  • The convenience of shopping in one location - just like a supermarket you can get many many different things from a farmers market, it is so much more convenient.
  • There is a really fun outdoor atmosphere - don't miss out on this one it really is great!!

Find Your Local Farmers Market
A free UK directory of Farmers Markets listed by county. To find a farmers market just click on your county and browse! Many Farmers markets offer organic food and local produce.

Organic Food & Vegetarianism

Being a vegetarian, in my opinion goes hand-in-hand with eating healthy organic food. There are many resources etc on the internet about becoming a vegetarian. Here is one of them:

Vegetarian Book
How to Successfully become a vegetarian, even if you think you can?t do it, even if you think it?s way too hard, even if you have tried & failed before..


Organic Food and Complementary Therapies

When thinking about your health and the health of your family organic food is only one aspect to consider. There are many other ways to help you maintain a healthy mind and body. If for example you have had a bad diet in the past and are in need of help there are many different complementary therapies that can give you that little extra boost that you are in need of.

This doesn't just apply to those who have had or have bad diets, even people with brilliant diets may also need extra help. Complementary therapies can also be used to help many different ailments. In our modern society it is not just bout the food that we eat, there are so many other factors we have to consider. For example the pollution in our air and water and the stress of our hectic lives, these factors can cause many problems.

There are many different complementary therapies around and here is a list of just some:

  • Reiki - This therapy is practiced by either laying the hands on different parts of the body, or very close to the body. The Reiki practitioner uses spiritual energy (Chi) and channels this energy to treat each individual. The spiritual energy (Chi) used is our body's own energy channels and also the universal life energy or divine.
  • Crystal Therapy - This therapy uses crystals to aid and promote healing within our body. Usually the crystals will be placed around or on you. There are many different kinds of crystals each has their own properties and energies.
  • Art Therapy - This therapy uses many different kinds of art materials to aid reflection and self-expression. Being good at art is never an issue, the exercise is just about expressing your feelings and thoughts.
  • Shiatsu - This therapy uses the energy lines in your body and finger pressure to correspond with these lines. The aim is to balance the energies within our bodies. Its principles are taken from acupuncture without the use of needles.
  • Iridology - This therapy is used to identify any ailments or illness, using the persons eyes in particular the iris. It is a non-invasive way of examining a persons health.
  • Aromatherapy - This therapy uses essential oils taken from plants, which are known for their theraputic properties. They can be used in a bath, massage, inhaled or for oil burners.

There are many other therapies including Music Therapy, Alexander Technique, Acupuncture, Counselling, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy and Colour Therapy. The website I know of with all these therapies discussed in detail is well worth a visit. It has all the therapies accreditation boards and councils listed for extra help and knowledge, self help techniques, articles and a directory of therapists listed by county.

To visit this website please click below:


Therapy Site - Complementary Therapies
A resource for many complementary therapies - information, articles and self-help, and a directory of therapists listed by UK county.


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