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There are many interesting and informative websites on the internet about organic food and related topics, I have made a list of the sites I know of that may be useful to you. I hope you find these links to be as useful as I found them to be.

However, I am not responsible for the content of any external website.

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Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Farming
This compendium has been produced by members of staff at the Organic Livestock Research Group (OLRG) at the Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit (VEERU), Department of Agriculture, The University of Reading. The aim of the compendium is to serve as a resource material and training tool for farmers, advisors, inspectors, veterinarians, organic sector bodies and policy makers on issues related to general and specific animal health and welfare aspects of organic livestock production.


Biodynamic Agricultural Association
This is the homepage of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association in Great Britain. The Association's main objectives are to foster and promote the agricultural impulse started by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 (the date of his course of lectures on agriculture) and to help and support those wishing to put into practice the biodynamic method.


Choose Organic
This site focuses on the growing demand for organic goods and produce. We discuss the benefits and where to find organic products and how you can go organic.


CMi Certification
CMi is one of the largest independent consultancy, certification and inspection companies in the food, drink and associated industries.


Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)
Compassion in World Farming is the world's leading organisation concerned with farm animal welfare. CIWF is actively campaigning to end the factory farming of animals and long distance transport through hard-hitting political lobbying, investigations and high profile campaigns.


Consumers Association GM food campaign
Opposition to Genetically Modified (GM) foods is growing yet the government is continuing to side-line consumer concerns and jeopardise consumer choice by supporting commercial growing of GM in the UK. This site has information about GM food and resources such as articals and links.


Defra - Organic Food and Farming
In this part of the Defra website we have brought together all the information we hold on organic food and farming. The information is organised into ten sections, each section being oriented towards a specific user group - consumers, farmers, certification bodies and so on.


Dumfries and Galloway Organic Network
A network for organic farmers, producers and processors, their aim is to bring organic producers in Dumfries and Galloway together to share and trade stock, cereals, information, ideas and knowlege.


Ecologist, The
UK Ecology magazine featuring regular articles on globalisation, global climate change, and other ecology news and topics such as GM food and the effects of globalisation on poorer nations.


Ethical Consumer
Looking at the ethics of the companies behind the brand names, Ethical Consumer is the essential alternative shopping guide. Online articles, consultancy services, giving you the information companies would rather you didn't see.

Essence of Eden
Offer a range of products created using organic coconut oil, including organic skin care items. it is also know for its healing qualities, and can also be used in food and drink.
Royal Norton House, Brightwell Baldwin, OX49 5NX.
Tel - 0800 458 29 28 / Email -


Elm Farm Research
Independent organic research centre offering information, advice and resources for organic farming and related issues. Includes news & policy, events, education & training, articles and much more.


Official EU website including many useful documents and articles about organic food and farming. Organic reports and research to download.


EU organic farming regulation
Access the the EU regulation online.


Factory Farm Project
Our goal to elimiate factory faming in favour of sustainable food production system which is healthful and humane, economically viable and ecologically sound.


Food Commission
Good food should be tasty,nutritious and safe to eat - so why is our food a major cause of preventable diseases such as obesity,cancer and strokes? The Food Commission cares about the food we eat and is committed to ensuring good quality food for all. The Food Commission is a national non-profit organisation campaigning for the right to safe, wholesome food.


Food for Life
In the spring of 2003, six people came together to understand the real challenge that schools face in trying to improve school meals. This is our site.


Food Standards Agency
Food standards agency - food information and resources, search for organic food to find their information etc about organic food.


Forest Certification Resource Centre
Your comprehensive resource for information on forest management and product certification worldwide.


Foundation for International Environmental Law & Development
Non-governmental organisation, based in the UK, with charitable status. Group of public international lawyers committed to the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development through law. We promote: the development of the law through research; the dissemination of the law through teaching, training and publishing; and the application of the law through advocacy, advice and assistance. FIELD's Internship Programme trains law students from around the world.


Friends of the Earth (FoE)
Friends of the Earth is an international environmental organization that promotes solutions to environmental issues.


Genetic Food Alert
Genetic Food Alert was founded by the UK wholefood trade in 1998 to campaign for a GM-Free trade and a ban on the production, import and sale of GM foods and crops. We oppose GM food and crops because they pose significant threats to health, the environment and people of the Third World.


GM Nation? The public debate
This is the official website for the Genetic Modification (GM) public debate. Use this site to read the findings of the debate, which took place in June 2003, and to find out more about the issues surrounding GM.


Henry Doubleday Research Association
Garden Organic - the new working name for HDRA - the organic organisation - dedicated to organic gardening, farming and food. Includes lots of information, events, news, and much more.


Homoeopathy at Wellie Level
We teach conventional and organic farmers how to use homoeopathy effectivelyon their own farm.


Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) is the leading Europe based independent professional qualifying body for food scientists and technologists. Including Technology's position paper on organic food.


IFOAM.ORG - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) - IFOAM's mission is leading, uniting and assisting the organic movement in its full diversity.Our goal is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture.


Institute of Organic Training and Advice (IOTA)
The Institute of Organic Training and Advice provides a list of accredited advisers and trainers specialising in organic farming and provides its members with information, training and accreditation.


Links Organic
Finding organics on the web is easy! Links Organic contains an extensive, well organised website directory of organic businesses from around the world.


Little t Clothing Ltd
Offer organic baby and kids clothing.
34 St Stephens Avenue, London, W12 8JH.
Office Tel - 0208 740 1519 Email -


London Organic Directory
Dedicated to bringing you all the information you need to find great organic food, wholefoods and health foods in London.


Meatrix, The
A spoof of The Matrix film about a pig - his eyes are opened to the terrible truth of the factory farm he is bred in.


Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC)
Promotes and provides funding for environmental research. Includes environment data, funding and newsletters.


Northern Ireland Organic Website
Organic information resource for Northern Ireland.


Northwest Organic Centre
North West Organic Centre website is Cumbria's biggest searchable directory of organic livestock, forage and grazing. This free service is available to all organic producers, processors and consumers.


Examines all aspects of marketing of organic food in Europe, with a focus on rural development.


Organic Centre Wales
Organic Centre Wales at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Provides support to the whole of the organic community in Wales.


Organic Consumers Association
A consumer advocate for labeling of genetically engineered food. We promote organic food and sustainable agriculture. Watchdog group to monitor biotech, irradiated food, mad cow disease, gmo and rBGH. We want pesticide reduction, permaculture, biodynamic and sustainable farming.


Organic Eprints
International open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture.


Organic Facts
Source of factual information on different aspects of Organic Living including Organic Food, Organic Gardening, Organic Stores and Organic Cosmetics.


Organic Food
The site for everyone who wants to eat and live organically. News, articles, recipes, herbal remedies and the top home delivery services. Also has a directory of where to shop.


Organic Food Information Site
Information site for organic food, including benefits of organic food, organic news, links and facts.
Email -


Organic Research
International database covering research into organic farming, available on a subscription basis.


Organic Portal
Find information about all things organic - organic Food, organic veg box schemes, organic lifestyle supplier, directories, organic news, organic articles, organic forum, organic calendar of events and organic links for the UK.


Organic TS
Organic industry portal, includes information on the latest organic news, check out organic products at their marketplace, subscribe to receive news and trade offers by email, find organic suppliers etc in their directory and find jobs in the organic industry.


Our Stolen Future
The book Our Stolen Future brought world-wide attention to scientific discoveries about endocrine disruption and the fact that common contaminants can interfere with the natural signals controlling development of the fetus. This website tracks the most recent developments. Includes extensive list of scientific research


Pesticides Action Network (PAN)
Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) promotes healthy food, agriculture and an environment which will provide food and meet public health needs without dependence on toxic chemicals, and without harm to food producers and agricultural workers.


Race to the Top
Race to the Top is a collaborative project based on constructive engagement between an alliance of organisations and the major UK multiple retailers. We are seeking to measure and track what supermarkets are doing across a broad range of ethical issues, within the constraints of business pressures such as compliance with legislation or building shareholder value.


Scottish Agricultural College (SAC)
Information on the SAC's organic activities etc.


Soil Assocoation
The Soil Association is the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. Whether you are new to the Soil Association or want to know more about what we do and why we do it, this zone explains all. They have an organic directory, many articals and informative information about organic farming and intensive farming. This is a great resource.


Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming was launched at the UNED-UK hosted Healthy Planet Forum on 17 June 1999. It was formed by merging The National Food Alliance and the Sustainable Agriculture Food and Environment (SAFE) Alliance, both of which had been established for over 10 years.


tfX - the campaign against trans fats in food
Information about trans fats, what they are, where they are found, alternatives to trans fats and lots more.


The Organic Material Research Institute
Provides organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing.


The Organic Standard
An international bulletin covering development in the world of organic standards and certification issues.


True Food Network
The True Food Network is a consumer network campaigning to ban genetically engineered foods by providing educational, activist and informational resources to concerned consumers. Also for the clear labelling of GM foods.


University of Newcastle
Home to the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group.


Vegan Organic Network
All about vegan organic horticulture and agriculture; the ecologically friendly way to grow food without using any animal products. Animal free farming will lead to a greener, cleaner, cruelty-free world.


Vegetarian Society
We offer a wide range of resources for vegetarians and those wnting to eat organic healthy foods, resources include expert advice on nutritional issues, keeping vegetarianism in the news and feed the real facts to the press, giving talks and presentations to schools, colleges and community groups, work behind the scenes with the food industry to improve provision and much more.


Its main purpose as well as providing a daily commentary on matters having a connection with animal health or welfare or legislation from the perspective of an independent onlooker, is to provide an archive of information about the Foot and Mouth epidemic 2001. In particular, the site presents material about FMD vaccination and about animal disease control.




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