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Urgent Talks Regarding Global Food Costs - 27th May 2008

The price of rise has doubled since January this year. other large increases on food include sugar, wheat, dairy produce and soya beans.

This year so far thirty seven countries have been hit by food riots.
A summit to be held in Rome made up of world leaders is to meet next week for crisis talks regarding the ridiculous food costs increase. Which is to affect millions of the worlds poorest people.

This summit is to help immediate countries which have been hit the hardest from soaring food process. It is expected that a pledge of immediate aid will be given to these poor countries. The summit is hosted by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Two weeks after the UK meeting, the EU council will focus much of its time on this food emergency. Also, in late June a ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation which will take place in Geneva, is to make a last-ditch attempt to agree to lower the International Trade Barriers. This is to help cut food prices, and make it easier for farmers in poorer countries to export their own produce.

This year alone the food import bill for developing countries is expected to rise 40%.
At next weeks summit in Rome, Britain will urge emergency funding for seeds and fertilisers for the developing worlds farmers, in time for their next planting season.

The assistant director general Hafez Ghanem said, "Food is no longer the cheap commodity that it once was. Rising food prices are bound to worsen the already unacceptable level of food deprivation suffered by 854 million people. We are facing the risk that the number of hungry will increase by many more millions of people."

Gordon Brown told the Guardian, "Failure to reach a deal would hit the poorest hard - literally millions of people will be denied a chance to break out of poverty.”

“We have only a matter of weeks to secure agreement. We are one minute to midnight. The US and Indian elections and a new European commission will mean this opportunity will not arise again for years, and we cannot assume we would then pick up where we left off - the same deal may never be on the table again."

This article was taken from and adapted from an article in the Guardian newspaper:


UK CO2 Emissions Rise Faster Than EU Average - 27th May 2008

According to figures released in Brussels recently Britain pumped out more greenhouse gases last year under the EU carbon trading scheme - which is designed to cut emissions.

Across Europe the increase of Emissions was 0.68 per cent, or 16million tonnes of CO2. Emissions rose in ten of the EU's 27 countries, despite the scheme's target to cut CO2 by a fifth by 2020. The British increase in Emissions was 2.2%

Ministers argued that the extra 5.4 million tonnes of CO2 produced in Britain could be justified by the 59 organisations joining the trading scheme, in which polluters are given carbon credits and forced to buy more if they emit beyond their allocation.

They also added that when the scheme is revamped next year their will be tougher controls on the number of credits available. The Environment Minister, Phil Woolas, said that without the new entrants into the scheme, emissions would have gone down by 2.9 million tonnes.

However environmental campaigners are saying that these figures combined with the plans for more coal-fired power stations, illustrates that the carbon-trading scheme was not strict enough to meet the reduction targets.

Robin Oakley, head of Greenpeace's climate campaign, said, “The only thing that matters is how much CO2 is going into the atmosphere. It does not sound credible to call the emissions-trading scheme a success when we have seen a proposal for a new coal-fired power station in Kent. It is not sending a strong enough signal to the power companies.”

The biggest rises in tonnage of CO2 in 2007 came in Germany (up 8.99 million tonnes), Spain (up 6.79 million tonnes), Britain (up 5.42 million tonnes) and Czech Republic (up 4.21 million tonnes).

Yesterday a committee of MPs told the Government to go ahead with a system of personal “carbon credits”. Which means that under the scheme everybody would be given an annual carbon limit. Anyone who wanted to spend more could buy extra credits from low-carbon emitter’s.

This article was taken from and adapted from an article in the Times newspaper:


Fairtrade Shopping Revolution in the UK - Sales Hit £560m - 24 May 2008

New figures reveal that the UK are willing to pay more for ethical products. According to the Fairtrade Foundation, UK sales rose by 72% last year - £325 million to £560 million. This is more than double the rise in Germany and France.

Approximately 30% of the world's total value of Fairtrade goods were bought by Britons. Supermarkets who are buying more Fairtrade goods include Co-Op, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's, and they are making Fairtrade products their only option for some groceries.

M&S only stock Fairtrade tea and coffee, the Co-Op stocks only own-brand Fairtrade tea, coffee and chocolate, and Sainsbury's sells only Fairtrade bananas. Asda and Tesco also promote Fairtrade logo products.

Sales of juices almost quadrupled, sugar and cotton doubled and bananas increased by 72 per cent. Coffee, one of the longest- established Fairtrade commodities, rose 19 per cent.

Rob Cameron, chief executive of the international umbrella body, the Fairtrade Labeling Organisation said, "The phenomenal growth shows the groundswell of consumer support. Fairtrade has come of age. For producers, it is the difference between surviving and an ability to invest and plan for the future."
Raymond Kimaro, chairman of the African Fairtrade Network, commented: "The increased sales are great news. The premium has enabled members to build new schools, provide clean water and improve their communities' health.

"However, some groups still sell just a small percentage of their produce to Fairtrade. It is crucial to grow the market so these producers can benefit more."

This article was taken from, and adapted from an article in the Independent newspaper:

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